Sunday, May 1, 2016

Oh! Hello there. Don't worry I am surprised too. I just sat down and begin writing after a wave of nostalgia surged over me while looking at old pics from Pico. It feels like such a long time ago doesn't it?

Dear old friends, I hope all of you are doing well. I am sure a lot has happened. I wish the best for all of you always! Be happy.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Yes, guise. I'm still here. Very much alive and healthy.
On the contrary, my Pico character is as dead and gone as it can get. 
For those who still pays a visit to this abandoned blog from time to time.. sorry for the disappointment but thanks for wasting a few seconds to check on a blog that never updates

I've actually made several attempts to write about my Pigg adventures on here. Although funny enough, the "adventures" are really just me and my desperate pulling the rod attacks on fishes just to get the clothes and wigs from the godforsaken fishing challenges. I usually just give up halfway so there also goes the post that I intended to write about.
If you don't ever see updates on this blog again, count this as my farewell post. I'm not so good with long teary goodbyes so.
Thank you readers, for the encouragement and letters. I will 5ever appreciate it.
Happy Lunar New Year!

Contact info:
for hunks only

Pigg ID: scarlettpuri

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!

A happy new year to all of my readers! Have you made any New Year's resolution? I didn't so it's all fantastic. It wasn't my intention to disappeared after Pico's doomsday but it sorta happenedMany players have made Ameba Pigg the new home to their everyday game life. I myself also have a Pigg account, although I'm a peasant on there. My Pigg account seems like it is for display almost. I really only go on to keep in contact with acquaintances from Pico. Beside that, not understanding everything and anything about the updates or events in the game made the experience a little dull for me, although the game is rather generous with the gifting on the special occasions..  Y-you can't tempt me, baka.
Whatever the case might be, a happy happy happy new year to all of you~ Make the best of every obstacles with a positive attitude Such inspirational words hurhurhur. With that, how about a little something personal(drum roll please) 

A few days ago my boss's wife came back from Japan and bought me this as a gift. All kind of mochi 
The sakura flavored one was just

If you want to find me in Pigg, my ID is scarlettpuri, please feel free to add 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Balloon Party

I know I'm late at posting this but these are the photos from the balloon party a few days ago

Click the images for enlargement and better quality view~

If I wasn't late to the party, maybe I would have join those two at the bottom

Our wonderful room host, <MissLindaK> 

Sorry Hieroglyph, it was too lag to click "Use", resulting in your exotic face getting blocked by it 

The spirits of partying and dancing certainly lies within Mr.Semaphore and Chayannie!

Chayannie's cosplay kept the party going even after the majority has left. Her Elvis was definitely one of them 

I'm sorry that there are no name lists of those who attend. Many have already left by the time of my late arrival 

I'm still deciding whenever I should make this current look permanent... 
Sorry for any disappointments  
Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it!

 Happy 100th Post! 
Thank you all readers for giving me the motivation as well as inspiration to write~

Saturday, November 17, 2012

One Month Prior

One month away till we all bid our farewell! How are you all spending your remaining times on Pico? Ranting , giving out contact information, or too disappointed to even play anymore? Most of the familiar faces have already disappeared along with time...

You wouldn't believe who I unexpectedly encountered a few days ago
It was yet another day in the empty Japanese Park until she trotted down beside me and silently bowed.

Hurr hurr. Meet ❤NaNa ❤, my long lost twinand just when I thought I've seen it all in Pico..
I then confirmed that we are indeed one drop of water when she remains next to me for two whole minutes while haven't spoken a single word. I usually do the honor of being the dead silent one, you see.

Have you been to NYC Downtown recently? You won't be able to miss the additional decoration!

It's about the same as our petitions, just maybe... a more direct and different way. Since the game is ending anyhow, let's hack all we can, right? Haha no.

Do you have a massive amount of pocket items in Pico such as balloons and firecrackers?
Hieroglyph, a friend of mine, is hosting a balloon party to make use of them in a rather fun way

The party will be... OR you can read more here to find the full information you need.
I'll be there, and I definitely would be overjoy to see you there too!